Capital Alliance Limited is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange

Shares of Capital Alliance Limited (CODE: CALT-N-0000) began trading on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) today. The shares were listed on the board of directors of Diri Savi of the CSE in the sector “Investment Banking & Brokerage”. The occasion was marked with a special bell ringing ceremony

Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Capital Alliance Limited Mr. Dinesh De Zoysa, Managing Director of CAL Group and Executive Director of Capital Alliance Limited Mr. Ajith Fernando, Non-Executive Director of Capital Alliance Holdings Limited Ms. Shiromal Cooray, non-executive Executive Director no Independent Mr. Sanjeewa Anthony, Independent Non-Executive Director Ms. Aruni Siriwardene, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer of CAL Group Ms. Sharmali Perera and Managing Director of Capital Alliance Limited Mr. Somadasa Palihawadana joined the event.

The CSE was represented by the President Mr. Dumith Fernando, the Regulatory Director Mr. Renuke Wijayawardhane and the Listing Manager Ms.

Vinduni Dullewe at the event.

CSE President Mr. Dumith Fernando, speaking at the ceremony, welcomed the company to the CSE. “The main function of our capital market is to always match savings with those who need capital. And with today’s fundraiser, we have the 9th IPO for the year. We have about five more to register before the end of this year and I am happy to say that we have passed the Rs 100 billion mark in terms of capital raising, both in debt and equity this year. .

It is a pleasure and an honor for us to welcome a firm of the reputation and experience of Capital Alliance on the platform of listed companies. We look forward to a few more IPOs related to capital markets. But, we hope you will be a trailblazer here. And I think, this is proven to us by the eight and a half times subscription of the IPO. But most notably the three and a half times of subscription retail sales there is great interest in this industry for the quality of companies like Capital Alliance.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman and CEO of CAL Group and Managing Director of Capital Alliance Limited, Mr. Ajith Fernando, thanked the central bank, the board of directors, the clients and the team and a added, “This is a very special occasion for us. “A journey that started 21 years ago, as a very small company with only three employees to be here today to be a listed entity.”

Addressing the shareholders, he said: “It was a private company and most of the shareholders are also involved in the company. It is therefore a unique opportunity to see the kind of interests that we have aroused among other shareholders, in particular retail.

I think in a way that’s the whole point of having a stock exchange and a capital market. This is about allowing all types of investors to take part in a business that is otherwise reserved for institutional and corporate investors only. So I look forward to working with all of our new investors and enhancing their value and enhancing all shareholder value and improving our plans for the future. Once again, thank you very much and I look forward to an exciting journey ahead as a company listed on the prestigious Colombo Stock Exchange. “

Founded in 2000, Capital Alliance Limited, affectionately known as CALT, began its journey as a Debt Broker and was appointed Principal Broker by CBSL in 2003. CALT is one of 5 Non-Principal Brokers. banks in the country. . CALT is part of the larger CAL group and forms the securities trading arm of the group, dealing primarily with government securities. With over two decades of experience, the Capital Alliance group has grown into one of the leading investment banking groups in Sri Lanka. The Group has diversified into asset management, equity brokerage, corporate debt and equity advice, private equity and research services to meet the needs of its large clientele.

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