Collin Seow: Creating Financial Freedom in the Booming Stock Industry

The booming stock market industry is one that comes with significant advantages, but also, conversely, extreme challenges. A few lucky traders achieve extraordinary returns in the market, while for others it can often result in large losses. Trading profitably on the stock market requires not only learning to trade, but also learning to master risk management protocols.

Collin seow is a remarkable stock market mentor and coach with years of experience helping people navigate the ever-changing and volatile stock market. It helps to accelerate their growth in trading, by guiding them on the use of the systems and of a trading plan. According to Collin, those who want to “succeed” in the industry must first invest in their training so that they can get the leverage needed to create wealth.

Its organization, The systematic trader helps investors and traders with a systematic process on their way to financial freedom. By providing them with the tools, skills and values ​​within its growing global community, its clients are ultimately able to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on their own.

All travel requires a constant commitment to growth, just as Collin knew it. 17 years ago he was a full time private trader in which he worked for 3 years. Finally, he made the decision to become a securities broker in order to subsidize the trading commissions generated by his transactions. While her initial focus was not on serving customers, her journey took a turn after one particular incident.

In this particular incident, one of his clients lost almost $ 250,000 while trading warrants. When a client was unable to pay his losses, Collin Seow was liable as a stock broker. Therefore, he had to bear the loss on his own – while his second son was on the way, plunging him even further into despair during this difficult time.

With a burning desire to find a solution, Collin moved from “trading for income” to “trading for growth”. He then developed a trading system to do this. After a long series of developments and countless sleepless nights, the system was finally completed to a high standard meeting its standards. The result of this decision alone led to an exceptional result, so much so that Collin was able to settle his losses in 18 months.

After realizing how much this solution could help others one day, Collin made the decision to train people to use the same system to become better traders. It was at this time that The Systematic Trader was born. He remained in his original role as a stockbroker for another 12 years and received the title of “principal” introducing broker and established a proprietary trading company called Trading PLC ventures.

Training an ordinary person on how to become a master of trading using proper risk management protocols quickly became a great passion for Collin. Today he has over 5,000 people in his active community where he hosts a weekly webinar demonstrating how to manage a trading portfolio using the system.

Collin Seow is unique in that it has a strong community of traders and investors who are constantly helping and supporting each other in their wealth building efforts. It helps to make decision making more manageable, greatly reducing stress for the trader. He has also proven successful results to show for this.

Having years of experience as a stock broker has given Collin an edge in identifying how successful and unsuccessful traders trade. He also understands the emotional roller coaster they inevitably go through, which is why he believes mentoring is crucial in order to thrive in the stock market and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

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