São Paulo stock exchange gets its own Charging Bull

The old center of São Paulo has acquired a new landmark today with the unveiling of a bull sculpture outside the city stock exchange, mimicking the statue of the bull in charge that can be found in the neighborhood. New York Financial and represents aggressive investor optimism and financial prosperity.

The sculpture was designed by Brazilian artist Rafael Brancatelli and famous investor Pablo Spyer. Located outside the headquarters of the B3 stock exchange, the five-meter-high object is made from metal tubing and fiberglass and will occupy a prominent place in São Paulo’s former financial sector, which is still busy. by the comings and goings of brokers on the trading floor. .

Passing the stock market from professionals to passers-by in the city is also in a way a metaphor for the evolution of retail investment in Brazil. The São Paulo Stock Exchange had 500,000 investors in 2016, but now has more than 4 million, thanks to falling interest rates and the popularity of investing and trading tips on social media.

Mr. Spyer himself is also a symbol of this new era. A few years ago he started posting irreverent market briefings on social media, using accessible language and even developing his own slogans, spreading Tourinho de Ouro (Little Golden Bull) rewards whenever the benchmark B3 stock index has broken all-time highs.

His success earned him his own TV show and an associate position at XP, Inc, Brazil’s largest brokerage firm.

“I am honored to be a part of this moment. The golden bull (…) is a gift to all Brazilians “, he wrote on Twitter.

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