Stockbroker CTS Global considers IPO of P1.38-B – Manila Bulletin

Stock brokerage CTS Global Equity Group, Inc. plans to raise up to 1.38 billion pesos from a planned initial public offering to fund its overseas expansion.

Documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission show that the company plans to offer 1.375 billion common shares equivalent to 20% of the company’s share capital after the IPO.

Global CTS

The shares have a par value of P 0.10 each and will have an offer price of up to P 1.00 per share.

The net proceeds of the offering will be used to develop the Company’s global business operations, expand account management activities and for general corporate purposes.

The shares will be listed and traded on the SME Board of the Philippine Stock Exchange. The company has engaged SB Capital Investment Corporation as the issue manager, underwriter and bookrunner for the transaction.

CTS Global, formerly Citisecurities Inc., was established to engage in equity trading and has a cumulative experience of over one hundred years of trading in the stock market.

She uses her expertise gained from years of experience and her intellectual property assets, particularly in risk management, macroeconomics, fundamental and technical analysis to take advantage of local and global opportunities. through the trading of stocks listed on various stock exchanges.

“The company’s supporters have been able to develop a robust trading system that allows its traders to consistently generate returns on proprietary capital,” CTS Global said in its prospectus.

The company’s core competencies have been honed on the local stock exchange as well as overseas, especially the US, Hong Kong and Japan stock markets.

Through decades of active participation in the financial markets, the Company has developed and continues to develop its intellectual property assets to be able to improve and strengthen its competitive advantage.

The tumultuous year of 2020 was a testament to what this commitment can bring. After successfully breaking into the new normal with newly digitized training sessions, risk management oversight and fully automated analytics, the pandemic has set the stage for the company to elevate its operations.

“The financial results for 2020 reflect the company’s ability to withstand and even take advantage of unprecedented market conditions, making it confident in its ability to operate consistently in the face of major market challenges going forward,” said CTS Global.

Currently, the company has a pool of over 30 individual traders who actively manage a combined capital amounting to 550 million pesos. Each trader is considered a business unit with their own unique trading system.

The company said it was essentially a merchant development ecosystem and further investment in technology only strengthened its ability to efficiently produce and distribute valuable content and information to merchants. .

In 2019, CTS Global invested in building its own analytics portal to support the development of traders through continuous performance analysis. Its risk management processes have also been fully digitalized to provide risk managers with a real-time view of the respective business unit exposures.



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